300 IN AAAA 2001:1a50:7:1::feed:face


PGP Public Key

pub   4096R/53CC2BEF 2016-12-18 [expires: 2020-12-17]
      Key fingerprint = 23B6 F0FD F7DD 4798 21B9  0260 4BF2 8147 53CC 2BEF
uid                  Folkert Saathoff (FEEDFACE.COM) 
uid                  [jpeg image of size 4551]
sub   4096R/D71A89B2 2016-12-18 [expires: 2020-12-17]
sub   4096R/CA33DBCF 2016-12-18 [expires: 2020-12-17]
SSH Public Key

4096 SHA256:FjCl0INVycNH37chhgsKTEOpigELHd34wT2V+2HHu3k folkert@feedface.com (RSA)
+---[RSA 4096]----+
| ..oo@=*o+o.     |
|o . *oB+B o...   |
|o.  .+.o.= o.+...|
|o  .  o ..o = +.o|
|...    .S  + o o |
|..     .    . .  |
|               o |
|              o E|
|               . |
Certificate Authority

subject= /C=HK/L=Hong Kong/O=FEEDFACE.COM/CN=CA.FEEDFACE.COM ROOT CERTIFICATE/emailAddress=certmaster@feedface.com
issuer= /C=HK/L=Hong Kong/O=FEEDFACE.COM/CN=CA.FEEDFACE.COM ROOT CERTIFICATE/emailAddress=certmaster@feedface.com
notBefore=Apr  9 09:44:31 2014 GMT
notAfter=Nov 17 09:44:31 2019 GMT
SHA1 Fingerprint=56:A5:82:F0:95:B4:BF:67:92:50:5F:C6:57:0B:66:19:F7:08:53:8E


0xfeedface is the hexadecimal representation of the 32-bit value 1111:111o 111o:11o1 1111:1o1o 11oo:111o.

feed noun \ˈfēd\
3 a: material supplied (as to a furnace or machine) b: a mechanism by which the action of feeding is effected c: the motion or process of carrying forward the material to be operated upon (as in a machine) d: the act or process of feeding a signal (as an audio or video transmission); also: the signal being fed

face noun \ˈfās\
5 surface a (1): a front, upper, or outer surface (2): the front of something having two or four sides (3): facade (4): an exposed surface of rock (5): any of the plane surfaces that bound a geometric solid

#define MH_MAGIC 0xfeedface /* the mach magic number */

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