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Wie man zu[mr] System Ingenieur(in)? wird

Grosse Teile der globalen Web/Cloud/IoT Infrastruktur basieren auf Free/OpenSource Software.
Dies macht es möglich -und notwendig-, sich die für die Bedienung dieser Infrastruktur erforderlichen Kenntnisse selber durch Basteln am Computer anzueignen.

Slides as presented at rc3 Remote Chaos Experience 2020.

Introduction to OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming

This foundation talk describes the basic concepts of the OpenGLES 2.0 real-time rasterizer. It explains the different stages of the rendering pipeline, briefly introduces the mathematics involved, show the boilerplate code required to setup an OpenGLES program, and finally looks at the real fun stuff, which is the GLSL language used in vertex and fragment shaders.

Slides as presented at Chaos Communication Camp 2019.

Cryptography Primer

The field of cryptography is as interesting as it is confusing. This presentation aims to give a brief overview of the concepts and tools currently available for maintaining privacy and anonymity online.

Slides as presented for CryptoParty at WikiTopia Hong Kong 2016.

Convenient, Reliable & Secure Backups

As technology grows into all aspects of your life, the number of bits that represent emotional or economical value to you increases. So you probably do not want to lose those bits.

Slides as presented for HackJam at DimSumLabs Hong Kong.

Quick'n'Dirty Guide To
Coding Frame Buffer FX In Open Firmware

While playing around with booting custom darwin kernels, I recently discovered that my powerbook provides lots of fun without even booting an operating system. So I spent all of Breakpoint05 demo party in Open Firmware, trying to create some graphical effects. Since there is not much documentation on this topic on the web, I wrote up the results of my try-and-error research.