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Skin-Mount Technology

Most wearable computing gear tries very hard to hide the internals in rubber casing, even though electronics have their own striking appearance. Skin-Mount Technology is a line of jewellery that incorporates discrete components (surface-mount or through-hole) chosen for their aesthetic form and technical function.


Context Frax

I used the very cool language Context Free to create a series of semi-random, semi-fractal images. For each image, a context free (Chomsky Type-2) grammar describes rules for expanding a shape into one or more other shapes. The parser then recursively renders and expands a start shape, stopping only if no more expansions are possible, or when hitting the minimum resolution.


Bare Metal

Modern datacenter hardware looks pretty cool inside. Drive bays, extension ports, memory slots, cpu sockets, heat sinks and fans all tightly packed into a 19" case make for some dramatic physical architecture. So I started taking pictures whenever I have to access a machine for servicing.



This screen saver draws two interlocked recursive tetrahedrons. Each recursive tetrahedron contains four smaller recursive tetrahedrons at its edges. The relative size, distance and rotation of the descendants changes according to a sine function, the parameters of which can be set interactively.