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Skin-Mount Technology

Most wearable computing gear tries very hard to hide the internals in rubber casing, even though electronics have their own striking appearance. Skin-Mount Technology is a line of jewellery that incorporates discrete components (surface-mount or through-hole) chosen for their aesthetic form and technical function.

Serial EEPROM, 512kb
Photo Resistor, 10kΩ - 20kΩ
Capacitor, 400V 1µF
Quartz Crystal, 32.7MHz
NAND gate, Schmitt triggered
Thermal Fuse, 10A 99˚C
Diode, 100V 1A
DIP Switch, 2 Positions
USB Receptacle, Type Mini-B
Glass Fuse, 250V 3A
Slide Switch, On-On
7 Segment LED Display, 650nm

All pieces currently come in pairs of stud earrings only. Post is metal, 10mm, ∅ 0.8mm. Clutches included. Get in touch if you want to have some too ^_^
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